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Supply Chain - Sourcing

Establishing, improving and/or managing your supply chain throughout Asia

In the past couple of years it has become apparent that the current way in which many supply chains are organized are not resilient. In our race to obtain the lowest cost of goods purchased in many cases we have forgotten to mitigate our supply chain risk by implementing a diversified sourcing strategy.


  • Many companies buying in Asia do not have a transparent view of their complete supply chain.

  • Many companies buying in Asia have a strong dependance on the People’s Republic of China as the main source for their products.

  • Many companies buying in Asia have taken the regularity and low cost of sea freight for granted.


The Corona virus and the Uyghur crises in cotton and solar panels have brought these and other weaknesses in the supply chains to everyone’s attention. How can we improve?


Trimex offers advice on a full range of supply chain services that are crucial to an efficient, compliant and sustainable product supply chain. From manufacturers to CSR and 3P test providers, from multimodal logistics companies to customs services. Trimex delivers made to measure solutions to enable our clients to operate a competitive, transparent, sustainable and resilient supply chain.

Located in a strategic location like Hong Kong, Trimex does not only provide you with advice on manufacturing in China, but in countries throughout South East Asia, covering production markets from China all the way to India. This holistic approach to production markets in Asia enables us to provide unbiased advice and solutions balancing the right specification with the right price and available capacity, making the supply chain of our customers more transparent and flexible, while increasing their competitiveness.

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