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Supply Chain - ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)

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Making your supply chain more transparent and sustainable


In 2021 the EU published their EU Directive on Mandatory Human Rights, Environmental and Good Governance Due Diligence and regulators in other economic blocks are launching similar initiatives. 
The recent need to reroute complete supply chains for cotton (textile) and silica (solar panels) to deal with the Xinjiang requirements imposed by the US government is a good example here. The recent shortages of semiconductors for the electronics industry serves as another indicator which has shown us the importance of establishing and maintaining a supply chain that is:


  • Compliant with (y)our business principles and those of the regulator of the countries you are doing business with.

  • Sustainable in the way the actors in the supply chain produce and are stewards of the environment

  • Resilient when it comes to sudden disruptions


How can Trimex help you to make Compliance and Sustainability add value in your supply chain?

In order to deal with the ever-increasing ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) reporting requirements and demands of Governments and NGO’s regarding compliant supply chains, many leading retailers and manufacturers have already taken the step to publish a list of their supplying partners on their websites. 


No matter if you are working with Amfori’s BSCI, Elevate’s ESG, Sedex’s SMETA, IDH, ETI, or any other social audit enabler, sometimes your ESG reporting needs independent, entrepreneurial yet compliant business advice:

  • To move your teams (and business!) on from certain grey areas/conflicts between the commercial and compliance interests of the business. 

  • To assess the political pertinence and relevance of social requirements in certain jurisdictions. 

  • Or simply to help you to evaluate the optimal balance between compliance and business growth targets. 

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