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Supply Chain - Resilience

At the end of the line your sustainably sourced and produced articles must find their way to your markets. Logistics is another area in which we have seen a lot of disruption in recent years. Many of the disruption would not have been necessary by adapting an agile and cross departmental approach on how to mitigate the lack of equipment that built up in the markets due to Corona.


With years of experience in working with MNCs throughout the whole retail and manufacturing supply chain from Asia, we are well versed in the latest developments in China and Asian Logistics. To streamline your global logistical needs, we can advise and support you on the following topics:


  • Production/order planning

  • Asia Storage and Warehousing

  • Pick and pack

  • Integrating the booking of container space with your supply chain documentation requirements (Blockchain)

  • Sea/Rail/Air freight

  • Customs services (export/import management)

  • Door to door distribution (up to store level) 

Making your supply chain more resilient

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