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Establishing, improving and/or managing your presence in Asia

Without a doubt throughout the last decades many countries in Asia have developed into the most important production centers in the world. Together with the growth of the production industry, the growth in GDP has also unlocked huge consumer potential.


Many overseas companies have been moving parts of their business activities to Asia, some more successful than others. Doing business in Asia means having to deal with different business cultures, local customs, negotiation tactics and other challenges. To find the right solutions to overcome these various challenges is crucial to your company’s survival and success in Asia.


Our team consists of experienced, empowered and multi disciplinarian individuals that thrive in dealing with a worldwide business network.  The added value of using Trimex cross-silo consulting lies in the fact that Trimex offers a full range of services. We do not just work with buyers and sellers, but with all businesses in the product supply chain.


Trimex offers our customers practical and innovative advice and support in the following areas:

  • Company set up in Asia

  • Interim management/operational support of Asian business activities

  • Outsourcing of business activities

  • Sourcing and supply chain management

  • Logistics

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