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For Global Retail and Manufacturing MNCs

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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are an advisory company that helps MNCs to manage their business expansion in Asia.


Trimex International Services Ltd (Trimex) is an integrated consulting agency that provides entrepreneurial advice on challenges that global Multinational Corporations (MNCs) may encounter in their mission to start, grow or manage their supply chain from Asia. We specialize in advising OEM retail and manufacturing MNCs. 


We assist companies with:

The 25+ year history and expansive network of our business relationships enable us to provide each of our customers with “made to measure” solutions that cover every aspect of doing business in Asia.


We at Trimex believe that with the current state of our global environment, business always should be more than just business. It is a partnership acting to accomplish the goal of long term and sustainable success for our customers while always keeping the benefit of people and planet in mind 


Your success is our mission!

What We Do
What We Do



Our team consists of experienced, multi disciplinary individuals
that thrive in dealing with a worldwide business network.

How We Work
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At Trimex International Services Ltd we look to build long-term relationships with our clients. Long-term relationships are easier to handle without too much complexity. To mitigate the buildup of complexity (and therefore cost) in our projects, at Trimex we operate on an entirely different model.


As we work hard to keep our advisory team as lean as possible, we also realize that we work in a fast-paced environment that constantly changes. Therefore, our fees and brief can be reviewed after each delivered milestone in the project. We offer a choice of charging our fees on hourly rates or project basis before the project starts. In some cases, we may even have team members on secondment with our customers.

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香港 愉景灣 朝暉徑16號 


 電話: (852) 97313503


How We Work


Trimex International Services Ltd.

16, Headland Drive

Discovery Bay

Hong Kong SAR


Phone: (852) 97313503

You can e-mail us here



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