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Bauhaus design products and designs related to Bauhaus design philosophy are one main focus of TECNOLUMEN®.

TECNOLUMEN® was founded by Walter Schnepel in Bremen in 1980. At first, the company produced only one lamp: namely, the Wilhelm Wagenfeld table lamp WA 24 that was originally designed by Prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld at the Bauhaus in 1924. TECNOLUMEN ® is the world´s only manufacturer of the Wilhelm Wagenfeld table lamp.

The company’s palette of products was soon augmented by additional designs from the Bauhaus era joined, including items designed by Gyula Pap, Hans Przyrembel and Marianne Brandt.

As the years went by, the line of merchandise was expanded to include lamps, door handles, small pieces of furniture, and accessories. Today, TECNOLUMEN® not only manufactures re-editions of Bauhaus designs, but also crafts designs by contemporary designers.

All Bauhaus design products are consecutively numbered and stamped with the TECNOLUMEN® and Bauhaus logo.